Here are some of the frequently asked questions on our site;

How can you do my homework when I’m in a rush?

Easy! All you need to do is complete the order form provided on our website and then contact our support team via our support team and say “I need my homework done urgently!” and you will have it within no time.

Can I chat with my writer directly?

Of course! We are dedicated to providing the best writing service on the web. We allow our clients to talk to their writes directly for efficient and swift communication.

Do you provide any assurance that the final draft will be plagiarism-free?

Yes, we do. All essays are run through a variety of anti-plagiarism software to ensure they contain only original content. We also provide a free Turnitin report at the request of a client.

Why do you ask to make a deposit?

Our clients are required to deposit 1/3 of the total cost of their order. This is done to make it clear to our writers that the request is a serious one and that you will come for a complete order.

Are NerdyTermPapers samples allowed to be used in class?

We hold no rights to our work once you pay for it. Once you get a complete order that you have paid for, it is totally up to you how you use it. We however encourage students to use these papers for learning to develop their writing skills.

Can I be sure that a true pro will get my homework done?

We employ a 4-level hiring process to ensure that only experts join our team of writers. We ensure that our writers have the best skills and knowledge, and have the best academic achievements.

Your Anonymity is Our Priority

An important element of our service is that it is totally secure and you don’t have to worry about us disclosing your identity or subsidiary use of your personal information. We ensure utmost confidentiality for you and our writers to ensure that our transaction remains wholly anonymous.

How can NerdyTermPapers Experts help me do my homework?

Serving our clients well is our utmost pride and we only want the best grades for students who come to us. We always heed to ‘do my homework for me’ requests and create original papers for them that will impress even the best clients.

To get professional assistance from us is as quick as you can say it. Here are the quick easy steps to getting our services;

  1. Sign up and order service by filling the order form on our website. You may also make a request on our online chat and our support staff will make an order for you.
  2. Select yourself the writer you deem the best fit from our assortment of experts. Simply check out the writer profiles or ask NerdyTermPapers’s support team to assist you in picking.
  • Make a deposit equaling a third of the cost of your order so that your selected writer can start working on your order.
  1. Receive a completed order. Once you have ascertained that it completely meets your requirements, you can pay for it or request a revision if you’re not satisfied.

When is it right to ask you to do my homework?

It is common knowledge that college is no mean feat. This is because of the myriad of challenges that college students face. Sometimes the work that students have to do is too much and the students can barely cope. It is therefore acceptable that college students should ask for help. However, it is human to wonder when it is okay to ask for assistance.

To help you decide, we have compiled some cases in which students came to us for assistance and the reasons why.

  • You have no clue where to begin in an assignment.
  • The topic of discussion is too complex.
  • Your exams are coming soon and you simply have no time to do anything other than study.
  • The syllabus is too demanding and you cannot cope.
  • You have poor class attendance due to other engagements such as work and you may not be able to complete the assignment.
  • You have more pressing priorities.
  • Whatever your case is, it is totally okay to request assistance and we will always be a ready partner!

Is it cheating to ask you to get my homework done?

To answer this question comprehensively, we need to start by clearly defining cheating. The word cheating invokes pictures of a student copying an exam in anyone. It may also be duplicating someone’s work and handing it in quickly before the deadline. Asking someone to help you figure out your assignment or complete it for you is a totally different case!

NerdyTermPapers equips students with the tools they need to succeed. Being able to ask for help is not a show of strength but a show of weakness. Getting your essays done for you is not cheating but rather collaborating with a partner with the same goal as you; to achieve excellence.

When I ask you to do my homework, how can I get the most out of it?

Writing excellent essays is a multifactor process. Students are required to have an impeccable command of English, outstanding writing skills, and vast knowledge of the topic they are writing about. In addition to that, the following issues come up;

  • Writing style
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Choice of words
  • Structure
  • Plagiarism etc.

That no it. On top of this extensive list of requirements, conducting the required research to write a proper essay is time-consuming, and time is a luxury most students don’t have. However, completing homework is a critical part of graduating successfully, and sometimes this results in requesting assistance.

NerdyTermPapers’s homework service will help you achieve the following;

  • Selecting an appropriate title for your paper
  • Coming up with a powerful thesis statement
  • Write a compelling paper with well-supported arguments
  • Make proper citations
  • Meticulously researched paper with a proper structure
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Timely submission

In addition, NerdyTermPapers also helps students revise homework they have already done to rid it of errors and improve their writing skills. If you think you need assistance with homework, order it from NerdyTermPapers now!

How do you select your experts?

Excellence is our goal anytime we take on the task of writing homework for any of our clients. To achieve this, we have to uphold a culture of excellence ourselves, starting from the selection of our writers. We, therefore, handpick our writes through a multistage hiring process to affirm their competence.

We use our senior experts and QA team to select writers from a wide pool of talented individuals who will write your homework with ease and perfection. Here’s our selection process’

  1. Verification

We start the hiring process by validating all our writers’ backgrounds and qualifications. It is a requirement that all our writers be rich in experience, writing skills, and academic qualifications.

  1. Testing

All candidates looking to join our team have to undergo rigorous testing through writing academic papers to establish their expertise. This is an essential step in affirming their eligibility.

  • Quality control

We have a quality assurance department that goes through all the responses and papers from the applicants. We then pick the top 50 applicants based on performance.

  1. First orders

That is not all. All newbies have to undergo a probation period to allow the more experienced writers on our team to supervise their work on the first few orders. Only those who remain flawless in accomplishing their tasks get to stay on the team.

Who are our pro writers?

You are probably wondering who these writers we so proudly talk about are. We saw that coming! To respond to this curiosity, our writer profiles are available on our website to all customers. Form them, you can see the writer’s rating, comments from previous clients, academic qualifications, and their areas of specialization so that you can pick the one who suits you best.

However, to give you a general lay of the land as far as our writers are concerned, here’s a brief of our authors;

BA/MA writers- We have numerous writers in our network, all of who have achieved Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. All undergraduate assignments may easily be handled by these writers.

Ph.D. writers- We have an assortment of Ph. D. writers who handle more complex tasks such as dissertations. With these pros, the complexity of an assignment is never a challenge to us.

Our experts are all soaring in their crafts and different fields and we have employed them to help us assist students in achieving academic excellence. Thus, be assured that any homework request you throw at us will be accomplished promptly.